Contributing to PANW Ansible modules

PLEASE NOTE: This role is deprecated, the modules are no longer being updated. Please transition to using the modules in the collection instead: U(

Developing Palo Alto Networks Ansible Modules


Should you develop a module?

Developing PANW Ansible modules is easy, but often it isn’t necessary. Before you start writing a new module, ask:

Does a similar module already exist?

An existing module may cover the functionality you want. You might just need additional functionality in the existing module. If you are not sure feel free to email PANW maintainers.

Does a Pull Request already exist?

An existing Pull Request may cover the functionality you want. If someone else has already started developing a similar module, you can review and test it.

If you find an existing PR that looks like it addresses your needs, please provide feedback on the PR. Community feedback speeds up the review and merge process.

Should you write multiple modules instead of one module?

The functionality you want may be too large for a single module. You might want to split it into separate modules or enhance already existing module.

Contributing to codebase

If your use case isn’t covered by an existing module or an open PR then you’re ready to start developing a new module.

In order to do this you need to (draft):

  1. fork develop branch (NOT MASTER)

  2. do your changes

    • update / change module

    • update with changes

    • make sure you run code through linter (TBD)

  3. create pull request against DEVELOP branch